Stack Guard Perforated Egg Trays

Are you looking for an alternative to foam egg cartons? Check out the Stack Guard, a fresh and sustainable design in egg trays that is now available for retail packaging. 

This tray provides superior protection versus foam and is made of 100% recycled fibre. It has been designed to work perfectly on high-speed egg grading equipment.

The tray is perforated in the middle so it can be detached and separated into two parts. This allows the consumer to stack one half on the other and save space in the refrigerator. Stack Guard trays can be sealed for tamper-proof protection, and they also provide a perfect space for customized labels on top.

Stack Guard is currently available in two sizes: 2 x 12 (pictured) and 2 x 18. If you would like more information on this tray, please contact your local account manager from Falcon Packaging.