Stock Corrugated 30-Dozen ECT44 Export Egg Boxes

Stock Corrugated 30-Dozen ECT44 Export Egg Boxes

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These 30 dozen corrugated egg boxes are sold in packs of 25. With its 44lb ECT strength, it is ideal for transporting eggs or as a large moving box.

A Polyvalent Product

Whether you intend to carry eggs or something else, these boxes are designed to be used in a variety of ways. 

These egg boxes are ideal when you are looking for packaging that can store more than just eggs. Transport your eggs safely and use these boxes for other items without worry.

44 lb ECT Strength

When you plan to transport large quantities of eggs and other fragile items, you need to make sure your packaging doesn't collapse on you. 

Stacking multiple cartons when transporting your items over a long distance can be done safely without fear of any items being crushed. Transport your fragile items with our ECT44 heavy-duty crates without the risk of damage.

Ready To Be Shipped

If you plan to pick up the packages yourself, they can be ready within four hours of ordering. Our shipping process is also fast, with orders being shipped within 1-2 business days of ordering.

If you have any packaging questions or concerns, please contact us by reaching out to a member of our sales team.