Guardian Egg Filler Flats 5 x 6 (110 Piece Bundles)

Guardian Egg Filler Flats 5 x 6 (110 Piece Bundles)

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Ship and store your eggs with Falcon Packaging Guardian's 5 x 6 filler flats. These trays are made of protective, eco-friendly materials that protect and organize inventory. Each tray can hold up to 30 eggs.

Impact-Absorbing Packaging

The strength and flexibility of molded pulp egg cartons protect eggs during transportation and storage. Instead of being rigid like plastic, pulp packaging flexes just enough to absorb vibrations while maintaining structural integrity..

Molded Pockets for Diverse Uses

Each individual pocket is shaped to hold a wide variety of eggs. These egg filler flats are perfect for :

  • Chicken eggs
  • Duck eggs
  • Goose eggs
  • Turkey eggs
  • And more

To make storage easier, these filler flats fit into our 15 and 30 dozen corrugated egg cartons.

An Ecological and Sustainable Product

Made from by-products of paper production, our eco-friendly egg trays reduce waste by using them. 

If you have any packaging questions or concerns, please contact us by reaching out to a member of our sales team.