Frequently Asked Questions

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General & products

A packaging distributor that supplies egg packaging across North America. and Join Forces.

No, not currently. At this time we no longer carry foam cartons. But our pulp cartons are as strong as the foam cartons for carrying your eggs. 

A one dozen egg carton along with a corrugated box. 

All the cartons and filler flats we sell are meant to fit small to extra large eggs. 

No we currently do not offer any custom printed cartons. 

Yes we have that option for each item listed for sale and you can also contact us via email through our contact us page. 

None. Unless the product is damaged during shipping to the customer. 

Does not apply, we provide the packaging not the directions on how to pack it and ship it. 

Payment & Security

 Apple Pay, Paypal, and all major credit cards. 

Yes. The has been built to assure the security of your personal and banking information. 

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